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Private Music Lesson Information

Private music lessons on all levels in piano, xylophone, acoustic guitar, ukulele and classical guitar are offered weekly in increments

of 30, 45 or 60 minute lessons. 


Students participating in private studies are encouraged to perform in recitals and concerts and may combine with other interested students to create chamber music groups.


All students are qualified participate in music competitions and festivals.



For those new to music, piano is an excellent instrument to start with as it helps build a foundation in musicality without major limitations in developing sound, tone or intonation.

With an emphasis in classical style and a vast repertoire to choose from, our piano students can study a wide variety of styles.



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 Guitar Tailored Curriculum

Skippack School of Music offers guitar lessons for children from the age of 8 upwards. We provide a program of acoustic and classical, study that is suitable for the early beginner through to the advanced high school student. Both curriculum programs focuses on music reading, tablature, technical study, and the cultivation of musical understanding.


We give ukulele lessons for children from the age of 6-18. Ukulele is perfect for music education. It’s fun, inexpensive, portable and surprisingly versatile. Our method of teaching, students are singing and playing almost immediately!

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