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Music for the Hearts
of Seniors 

Joy R. Huff

Professional Pianist

Baroque ~ Classical  ~ Romantic ~ Ragtime 

Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania of 1987, Joy Huff began studying piano performance at the age of eight, and has studied piano performance and Alexander Technic under the direction of

Dr. Robert Bedford at the University of Music in West Chester since 2015.


Joy was born into a musically inclined family, beginning with a grandfather who was an orchestra director and exceptional saxophone player having “music in her blood,”

 Joy had a love for music from her youth and is truly talented and gifted with the touch of music.


Upon graduation of Buxmont Christian Educational Institute in 2005, her driving passion led her to share talent through teaching and performing. As an eighteen year-old entrepreneur, she opened a community music school in the suburbs of Philadelphia.


Joy is extremely serious about teaching music. “I feel that the music school is a way to help the community, by giving children the assistance to explore their freedom of expression through music” said Joy. She loves the improvement, progression and the sense of satisfaction given to the students…turning basic one finger melodies into beautiful music. She loves giving them the opportunity to transfer their hard work into an exquisite performances. However, having accomplished her dream of opening her own music school, despite the odds that were against her, she realizes that her only barrier is a lack of determination.

Joy’s composure and musical maturity at the piano is seriously impactful and very expressive. She has accomplished many masterworks of great composers, such as: Beethoven, Mozart, Bach, Chopin, Schumann...etc. As in result, her talent obtained outstanding stage presence and incredible performance skills. Joy has given numerous performances across the nation and will be performing her debut recital within Carnegie Hall located in New York City.

Repertoire references, awards, certificates and recordings will be given upon request. 

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